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AMDAMD supplies graphics, video and multimedia products for desktop, workstation and notebook PCs, digital televisions, cell phones and game consoles. AMD's consumer products include the Imageon™ line of processors for cell phones and Xilleon™ processors for the digital television market. Monotype Imaging's fonts and font technologies are integrated into AMD's ready-to-ship ATSC DTV design, based on the Xilleon processors.

TakumiFounded in 2003, TAKUMI Corp. licenses OpenGL® ES™ 1.x and OpenVG® 1.1-compliant graphics accelerator IP cores for embedded systems and mobile devices including digital still\video cameras, mobile phones and set-top boxes that enable the smallest size and power consumption, in addition to rich 3D/2D/vector graphics-based user interfaces. Based in Shiba, Tokyo, TAKUMI also has an office in Kofu, Yamanashi. Monotype Imaging is working with TAKUMI to provide a scalable font solution for Takumi’s core graphics accelerator technology. The combined solution will enable the development of graphically intensive applications and user interfaces that support high-quality, scalable text.

ZoranZoran provides digital solutions in the growing digital entertainment and digital imaging markets. The company is focused on delivering high-quality products that meet the requirements of DVD players and recorders, digital cameras, multimedia mobile phones, audio speakers and receivers, digital televisions and set-top-boxes, digital printers and other new categories of consumer electronics. Today, Zoran is also focused on delivering technologies that allow consumers to connect and share their video and audio files with their families and friends and that improve their digital entertainment experiences in their homes, offices or while traveling. Monotype Imaging’s fonts and font technologies are integrated into Zoran’s DTV reference design platform.


BitrouterBitRouter provides comprehensive products and engineering services for digital TV systems. Monotype Imaging’s fonts and font technologies are integrated into Bitrouter’s CAPstack™ integration.

OpenTVOpenTV is one of the world’s leading providers of advanced digital television solutions dedicated to creating and delivering compelling interactive experiences to consumers of digital content worldwide. The company’s software has been integrated in more than 127 million digital set-top boxes and digital televisions around the world, and enables enhanced program guides, video-on-demand, personal video recording, enhanced television, interactive shopping, interactive and addressable advertising, and a variety of consumer care and communication applications. Monotype Imaging’s iType® Connects™ plug-in provides advanced type rendering capabilities to developers using the OpenTV Core2™ set-top box middleware. The solution also supports Monotype Imaging’s WorldType® Layout Engine, which enables the composition and layout of multilingual text, including complex scripts. In addition, OpenTV has licensed the Tioga™ typeface, which ensures legibility on a variety of screens. Learn more about Monotype Imaging’s text imaging solutions for OpenTV.

QualcommNext-generation wireless communications is emerging as the most important technology of this millennium. To ensure that the entire wireless industry is inspired and continues to evolve, innovate and experience success, Qualcomm develops its technologies and solutions for the purpose of enabling key participants in the wireless value chain. Monotype Imaging has licensed font rendering and text layout capabilities to Qualcomm for its BREW® platform. The technologies provide a standard framework to support scalable fonts and multilingual text on mobile phones. BREW OEMs, publishers and developers can also take advantage of Monotype Imaging’s theme-based, stylistic fonts that look great on the small screen.

SymbianSymbian is a software licensing company that develops and licenses Symbian OS™, a global open industry standard operating system for advanced, data-enabled mobile phones. Symbian licenses Symbian OS to the world’s leading handset manufacturers and has built close cooperative business relationships with leading companies across the mobile industry. Monotype Imaging is a Symbian Platinum Partner and the iType scalable font engine has been ported to Symbian OS versions 6.x, 7.x, 8.x and 9.x.

TrolltechTrolltech enables desktop and embedded application providers, as well as consumer electronics and mobile vendors, to code less and create more, by providing cross-platform software development frameworks.

UIQUIQ Technology creates and licenses the open software platform, UIQ, to leading mobile phone manufacturers. UIQ’s flexible and customizable user interface and development platform is pre-integrated and tested with Symbian OS, a leading industry standard operating system for smartphones. As a member of the UIQ Alliance program, Monotype Imaging helps UIQ developers deliver stylized user interfaces and content. Our fonts and font technology enrich user experiences while delivering crisp readability on small screens in multiple languages.

Embedded Software

AccessACCESS is a global provider of Internet technologies to the mobile and beyond-PC markets. The NetFront™ browser is a cornerstone to the company’s vision of enabling Internet access anywhere and on any device. NetFront technologies are delivering full Internet browsing and related services to mobile devices and consumer electronics ranging from digital TV to automobile telematics. Monotype Imaging’s iType scalable font engine has been integrated into the NetFront browser.

ANT LimitedANT provides embedded application software and support for the broadband TV, hospitality and consumer electronics markets. ANT’s combination of browser, digital-media management and user interface software enables device manufacturers and TV operators to present digital content and services to end users through branded interfaces. ANT’s products can be integrated quickly and cost-effectively into any platform and operating system, across a wide range of devices such as set-top boxes, TVs, DVD players and multimedia handhelds. Monotype Imaging’s iType™ scalable font engine has been integrated into ANT’s Fresco™, Galio™ and PurePlay™ products.

IvivoIkivo provides mobile SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) software solutions for mass-market mobile phones and devices. Ikivo software empowers phone manufacturers, content developers and operators worldwide to create and launch compelling content and services. These include infotainment, handset personalization and user interface design. As one of the first companies to recognize the potential of mobile SVG, Ikivo is now actively shaping the future of mobile graphics based on open standards. Monotype Imaging has partnered with Ikivo to bring scalable, multilingual text capabilities to Ikivo’s SVG solution for low, mid and high-end mobile phones.

OperaOpera Software develops Web browser technology, targeting the desktop, mobile, PDA, home media and vertical markets. The Opera browser has received international recognition from users, industry experts and media for being faster, smaller and more standards-compliant than other browsers. Monotype Imaging’s iType scalable font engine has been integrated into Opera’s GOGI product.

SkelmirSkelmir provides small footprint, robust software infrastructure for hosting Java® applications on embedded devices.

Proven in the marketplace with nearly 2,000,000 commercial deployments and more on the way, Skelmir’s family of CEE-J™ clean room virtual machines and libraries are available for a wide range of processors, operating systems and embedded Java configurations. Easily ported to new platforms, CEE-J offers advanced graphical capabilities ideal for digital television displays and MHP enabled appliances, onboard navigation systems, Internet appliances, handheld wireless communications and more.

StreamezzoStreamezzo enables rich media content to be deployed across all types of mobile phone networks from 2.5G to UMTS, as well as mobile broadcasting networks such as DVB-H. Technology from Streamezzo is built on open standards and allows mobile users to stream and browse audio, video and graphical animations simultaneously on the screen of a mobile handset. Monotype Imaging’s iType scalable font engine and WorldType Layout Engine have been integrated into Streamezzo’s Rich Media Client™ to enable the clear display of multilingual text.


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