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Fonts play an increasingly significant part in the effectiveness of modern automobile HMIs. The Monotype Portfolio for Automotive is a unique combination of typefaces, technology and expert consultation

HMI Graphic and Industrial Designers

Design highly effective visual products without restricting your creativity by using industry-standard or customized fonts that offer style, quality and brand sensitivity.

HMI Interface and Human Factor Engineers

Minimize technical barriers between design and implementation, while delivering seamless worldwide language support and a consistent look and feel between platforms.

HMI Product Managers and Planners

Work with a single provider who can help you improve global quality and results, engage your teams or your suppliers across disciplines, and bring projects in on time and on budget.

From graphic design through to engineering and on to project management, the role of fonts in the modern automobile HMI is significant. At Monotype Imaging we help customers solve font problems across product lines and in markets around the globe by combining a rich legacy of sophisticated type design with advanced font display technology. The unique artistic, marketing and practical demands of the automotive display market present many challenges which we are ready and able to address today.

Our history, and experience, which includes work for customers such as Ford, Garmin and TomTom, make us the ideal partner for the development of in-auto display devices including:

  • Operator Interface Terminals
  • Configurable Instrument Clusters
  • Heads-Up Displays
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
  • In-Vehicle Information Systems
  • Vehicle Environmental Monitoring
  • Infotainment Systems
  • Telematics

In these and other in-auto display situations, proper font choice and high-quality display technology can lead to increased legibility and improved customer satisfaction. The Monotype Portfolio for Automotive is specifically designed with legibility and usability in mind.

Working with you to solve problems at every step along the process
Monotype Imaging’s type designs and font technology are already present in many automotive cockpits, on portable navigation products, and in the nomadic devices consumers bring into and connect to their vehicles. Therefore, we’re sensitive to issues of compatibility and consistency.

HMI designers, engineers, product managers and their suppliers face a variety of critical challenges in the automotive environment, from legibility and language support to branding and driver experience. The Monotype Portfolio for Automotive helps customers face these challenges and deliver products that perform effectively and with style.

For information on our automotive font solutions please contact us.


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