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Monotype Imaging is leading the way in font and font technology research relating to the automotive market. Below you will find Monotype Imaging and/or U.S. government produced information on issues surrounding driver distraction.

NewCan certain typefaces mitigate driver distraction? The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) AgeLab and the New England University Transportation Center set out to find the answer along with Monotype Imaging. Initial results of an exploratory study show that certain type styles can reduce glance time – the time a driver takes away from watching the road while interacting with in-vehicle displays.

Press release (9/25/12):
Monotype Imaging Sponsors Study that Links Typeface Style with Reduced Driver Distraction Risk

Video (in English):
MIT AgeLab and Monotype Conduct Study on Certain Type Styles and their Potential for Increasing Driving Distraction Risk

Video (in Japanese):
MIT AgeLab/Monotype video with Japanese subtitles

White paper:
Published by MIT AgeLab: An Evaluation of Typeface Design in a Text-Rich Automotive User Interface

Purchase study from ACM Digital Library:
An exploratory study on the impact of typeface design in a text rich user interface on off-road glance behavior

The Impact of Typeface on Future HMIs, presented at Telematics Japan in October, 2012.

Other research documents:

Visual-Manual National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Driver Distraction Guidelines: In-Vehicle Electronic Devices, Federal Register
Vol. 77 , No. 37, February 2012

Monotype Imaging’s public comment to NHTSA’s Driver Distraction Guidelines

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