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Printers and MFPs

We offer a wide range of solutions for printer OEMs that enhance value and performance, while helping to speed your printer product to market.

Printer Font and Rasterizer Solutions
Our printer font sets are engineered to meet industry font standards and memory allocation requirements. Embed these fonts or our Asian typeface solutions to achieve price and performance objectives, without sacrificing quality. Tailor language coverage to meet market requirements or to extend global reach. Our UFST® (Universal Font Scaling Technology™) solution allows for the printing of embedded fonts or those downloaded with documents. UFST offers compatibility with Adobe® PostScript® or Hewlett-Packard® PCL®, PDF, XHTML and XPS printing languages.

Printer display solutions
Monotype Imaging’s control panel solution enables clear display of multilingual text, even on low-resolution screens. The solution leverages our UFST font rasterizer and features our patent-pending SmartHint™ technology for displaying East Asian text clearly at small sizes. UFST can be used to render text for display and printed output, allowing a single instance of the technology to drive both functions, saving device memory and streamlining development efforts.

Printer driver kits
Our printer driver kits provide the driver code and tools necessary for rapid development of custom printer drivers that support color or monochrome devices. Use our kits to quickly deploy drivers supporting Windows® and Mac® operating systems, and PostScript, PCL, XPS and CUPS-based printing.

Monotype Imaging has collaborated with Adobe to provide a comprehensive framework for deploying multi-PDL (Page Description Language) solutions in a range of printing devices.

Other solutions
We round out our suite of printer solutions with color and font management tools. Our ColorSet™ imaging tools provide advanced screening capabilities and control over high-quality color reproduction – right from your own lab. The Monotype Imaging Font Manager can be included to provide font management capabilities to end users. We can integrate the application to include fonts that ship with HP’s FontSmart™ utility, HP Laserjet® printers as well as PostScript-based printers.

Contact us to learn more about integrating fonts, color and drivers into your printer products.


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