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Fonts and Rendering Support for the ARIB Standard

Monotype Imaging offers Japanese fonts and text rendering support that conform to Japan’s Association of Radio Industries and Businesses data coding and transmission specification for digital broadcasting.

Our ARIB scalable font solution features round (Maru) gothic and square (Kaku) gothic designs with the supplemental icons needed to support ARIB Broadcast Markup Language (BML) implementations. The font packages are offered in both TrueType® and stroke formats. Our ARIB font solutions are built to ensure the highest levels of display quality and readability. Significant storage and memory size savings are also delivered by our stroke-based solution. Through the combination of our stroke-based fonts and iType® font engine, we can offer a complete scalable ARIB font implementation in less than 1.5 MB.

Our TrueType-based ARIB fonts are available with Japanese language support for the JIS 208 and JIS 213 character sets. Our stroke-based ARIB fonts are available with support for the JIS 208 character set.

The ARIB fonts are part of a complete text rendering package that features the iType font engine. Based on TrueType and OpenType® industry-standard font formats, the iType font engine allows for the rapid generation of scalable characters at virtually any size, whether characters are written horizontally or vertically.

Contact us to learn more about integrating Monotype Imaging’s ARIB-compatible fonts into your solution.


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