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Control panel text display solutions from Monotype Imaging enable printer manufacturers to more easily expand global reach, improve the usability of printer devices or customize them for new markets. Our solutions are backed by our proven capabilities for displaying high-quality, multilingual text, even in low-resolution environments. Our control panel solutions combine a scalable font rasterizer and a selection of fonts that manufacturers can pull from to meet language, memory and display requirements.

Scalable Font Rendering
Our UFST® (Universal Font Scaling Technology™) font renderer enables clear display of multilingual text, even on low-resolution screens such as control panel displays. A mainstay in the market for its high-resolution printed output capabilities, UFST can now be used to render text for print and display output. A single instance of the technology can drive both functions, saving device memory and streamlining development efforts. The technology supports a host of industry standard font formats as well as Monotype Imaging innovations that enhance display quality.

UFST Features

  • Offers flexibility for various screen sizes, resolutions and black and white or color
  • Can render type for printing or display
  • Supports TrueType® fonts, OpenType® fonts, ACT™ font compression, CATT™ fonts, Asian stroke format, SmartHint™-enabled stroke-based fonts, and embedded bitmap fonts
  • Supports any Unicode™ script
  • Uses Monotype Imaging’s WorldType® Layout Engine technology to compose, position and render multilingual text

Our iType® font engine also provides type rendering capabilities for low-resolution environments such as control panels. The technology adds select display features such as multicolored icons, but it does not offer text rendering capability for printed output. The iType font engine is an ideal control panel display solution for manufacturers not seeking to add printed text rendering functionality.

iType Font Engine Features
  • Offers flexibility for various screen sizes, resolutions and black and white or color
  • Supports TrueType fonts, OpenType fonts, ACT font compression, CATT fonts, Asian stroke format, SmartHint-enabled stroke-based fonts, and embedded bitmap fonts
  • Supports any Unicode script
  • Uses Monotype Imaging’s WorldType® Layout Engine technology to compose, position and render multilingual text
  • Can apply special effects to scalable type, such as bold, drop shadow and emboss
  • Can display black, color or multicolor icons

Multilingual Support
Both the UFST subsystem and iType font engine interact with our WorldType Layout Engine for the composition, positioning and rendering of multilingual text, including languages that use complex scripts such as Hindi, Hebrew and Thai. Paired with our wide offering of multilingual fonts, WorldType Layout engine allows manufacturers to support all of the world’s major languages and reach markets across the globe.

Fonts to Meet Language, Display and Memory Requirements
Manufacturers can choose from our selection of fonts to meet the various requirements of their devices. Click here to view an assortment of multilingual fonts tested and optimized for use with control panel displays.

Monotype Imaging fonts and related technology for control panels include:
     East Asian Stroke-based Fonts
We offer stroke-based fonts to support Japanese, Chinese and Korean text. Stroke-based fonts provide significant file size advantages compared to other font formats. This allows printer manufacturers to embed additional fonts within devices to support a greater geographic range with a single product configuration. Learn more.
     SmartHint-enabled Stroke Fonts
Legibility diminishes when scalable East Asian fonts are displayed at small sizes. Monotype Imaging’s SmartHint technology maintains the clarity of East Asian characters at any size. At small sizes, SmartHint technology preserves spatial relationships and removes strokes, if necessary, without changing the meaning of the characters. Learn more.
     TrueType and OpenType fonts
The industry-standard TrueType and OpenType font formats permit high levels of detail not available in stroke-based fonts. We provide a variety of TrueType and OpenType fonts to deliver text with style. Learn more.
     CATT Fonts
Our Compact Asian Technology for TrueType (CATT) fonts offer significantly reduced file size without sacrificing the aesthetics of the same fonts available in the non-compressed TrueType format. Size reduction is accomplished through a unique compositing process that allows glyphs used in multiple characters to be stored just once within the font file. Learn more.
     ACT Font Compression
Asian Compression for TrueType (ACT) technology reduces ROM requirements without sacrificing character quality. Learn more.
     Bitmap Fonts
While scalable fonts provide maximum flexibility, bitmap fonts may be appropriate for specific sizes and can often be part of an existing system. We can also generate bitmap fonts at any cell size and resolution to support specific customer needs. Learn more.

Contact us to learn how Monotype Imaging control panel display solutions can enhance your product offering.


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