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Ostasiatische Fonts

East Asian fonts

We offer a wide selection of high-quality, OEM-ready fonts to support Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean scripts. Visit our multilingual font catalog, where you can view East Asian fonts for a variety of device environments.


Edge™-enhanced fonts: As our most advanced, compact option and supported by our Edge Technology plug-in for the iType® font engine, TrueType®-based Edge fonts provide typographic style in a small memory footprint.

CATT™ fonts: Compact Asian for TrueType Technology fonts deliver the pleasing aesthetics of traditional TrueType fonts yet in a significantly reduced file size for memory-constrained environments. CATT fonts can be rendered by standard TrueType rasterizers.

SmartHint™ fonts : Optimized with our patent-pending SmartHint Technology, SmartHint fonts provide a compact, stroke-based typographic solution. Simplistic in aesthetics, SmartHint fonts are designed to maintain character fidelity and high display quality at all sizes. SmartHint fonts are optimized for use with the the iType® font engine.

Stroke-based fonts: When simplistic typographic style is sufficient, our stroke-based fonts offer East Asian coverage within a small memory footprint. Monotype Imaging's stroke-based fonts are optimized for use with the iType® font engine.


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