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Font Catalog for ISVs
View our extensive selection of fonts for ISVs and developers. For more information regarding script and language support, visit our multilingual font catalog.

Microsoft Windows & Office Fonts
Monotype Imaging offers Microsoft® fonts for licensing to enterprises, software & hardware developers, and also as downloadable fonts for end-users.

Multilingual Fonts
See what makes Monotype Imaging one of the world’s largest providers of multilingual font solutions for software and hardware developers. For additional information on our multilingual solutions, click here.

Game Fonts
Monotype Imaging provides a wide range of viewer interface fonts and theme-based fonts for games.

User Interface Fonts
Explore our extensive font selections to find the right designs for your software or application user interface.

Hinting Test Font
This font is useful in testing the status of hinting and rasterizing within your rendering environment.

Custom Font Services
See how Monotype Imaging can tailor a solution that best fits your needs, such as including additional fractions for math applications. Visit our Web site dedicated to custom fonts, Also be sure to visit the Typeface Designer Showcase, which highlights some of the world-class designers who create fonts for Monotype Imaging, as well as the Monotype Custom Design Portfolio.

Contact Us
Contact us about how our technologies and services can meet your font and imaging requirements.

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