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Text Layout Solutions

When working with the Latin script, there is generally a one-to-one relationship between a character code and a glyph index in a given font. When working with non-Latin scripts such as Arabic, Bengali, Cambodian (Khmer), Devanagari, etc., a character may be represented by many different glyphs (e.g. ligatures, half-forms, joined forms, etc.). The process of selecting and rendering a glyph is known as “shaping”.

In right-to-left scripts such as Arabic and Hebrew, there is a reordering of glyphs so that glyphs are rendered in the order expected by native readers. This is referred to as “bidi” (bidirectional) reordering. Layout of non-Latin scripts presents additional challenges in terms of line-breaking, justification, flow around embedded graphics, use of inline images, substitution dictionaries, etc.

Monotype Akhbar


Lucida Devanagari


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Unlike Latin-based languages where character forms stay constant, characters from complex scripts may take on different shapes depending on adjacent characters. The resulting word may have an appearance that looks nothing like the characters used to
build the word.

Monotype Imaging offers two solutions that provide shaping and bidi capabilities.

The WorldType Layout Engine provides shaping and bidi support as well as text layout support so you don’t need to acquire language-specific layout skills yourself. In addition, the technology lets you easily port layout functionality across languages and technology platforms.

WorldType Shaper has the integrated intelligence needed to handle such complex shaping and bidi requirements, and is an ideal way of integrating complex script support into existing layout and rendering systems.


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