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Robin Nicholas
Original sketch of an Arial letterform

Arial started out as a bitmap font designed for IBM in the early 1980s. The typeface was redrawn a few years later to capitalize on the popularity of PC-based desktop publishing. Arial’s forms were based in part on Monotype Grotesque and then molded into the industrial sans serif that is so visible today.

Commercial Type Designs

Arial 1982
Bembo Book 2005
Clarion 2004
Fairbank MT 2003
Felbridge 2003
Nimrod 1980
Plantin 2002

Supervised Revivals

Bell 1998
Bulmer 1995
Centaur 1994
Columbus 1991
Columbus Ornaments 1991
Dante 1998
Fournier 1998
Monotype Janson 1991
Pastonchi 1996
Van Dijck 1992
Walbaum 1991

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