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Type Enhancements for Android bring rich, high-quality text and worldwide language support to Android® 4.0 devices. The first all-in-one text solution for Android devices that allows OEMs to meet a wide range of requirements, including the ability to deliver crisp, readable text in multiple languages, superior web browsing experiences and end user personalization through user-selected fonts.

Type Enhancements for Android

Components and Benefits

UI Font Replacement – Through our Type Enhancements for Android, OEMs have the power to choose specific UI fonts, allowing them to differentiate one interface from another and provide unique UI themes for their customers to choose from.

Personalization through type – An attractive, easy to use feature integrated into the device’s ‘Settings’ menu, Type Enhancements for Android component FlipFont™ not only gives customers the power to personalize and enhance their phones, but it allows the OEMs to promote access to the unique selection of fonts available through the program.

Expanded Language Support – Type Enhancements for Android address the shortcomings in Android’s current language support capabilities. Utilizing the full OpenType® processing available within Android through the integration of our WorldType® Shaper, we can now provide previously unavailable Indic support, expanded support for Thai and other complex scripts such as Arabic and Hebrew, as well as most world languages.

Real-time Tuning Control – Our iType™ font engine with Edge™ Tuning delivers the ability to adjust the text rendering and ensures clean and clear type display at any point size, any resolution and on any type of display. It optimizes the type quality across a product family, enabling a UI design or branding campaign to be successfully ported from device to device. OEMs and their development partners now have the ability to incorporate real-time Edge tuning into their applications, eliminating the reliance on factory-set default levels that may not always prove effective. This text-rendering function can be triggered automatically based on environmental factors such as ambient light levels, or by end-user preferences.

High quality web experience – Users expect the web pages to look and feel the same whether they access it on a phone, a tablet or a laptop. Our Web Core fonts allow OEMs to ensure compatibility with a PC-based web experience.

Intelligent Contrast Control – The Smart Gamma option provided through Type Enhancements for Android allows white text on black background and vice versa to be optimized independently in order to avoid compromises in quality.


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