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Printer Driver Kits

Monotype Imaging PDKs (printer driver kits) provide the driver code and tools necessary for rapid development of custom printer drivers supporting monochrome or color devices. Our suite of driver kits for the Microsoft® Windows Vista® operating system includes the XPS-to-XPS PDK for devices containing an embedded XPS interpreter, the XPS-to-Image PDK for raster-based devices and the XPS-to-PS PDK for PostScript® devices.

Additionally, full-featured printer driver kits are available to support legacy Windows operating systems – the Graphics PDK for PCL® or Postscript-based devices and the Image PDK for host-based raster printers. All of our Windows-based kits are compliant with Microsoft’s printing architecture and are available in source or object code.

Monotype Imaging’s CUPS.RAST PDK for the Mac OS® X platform supports development of drivers for raster-based devices using the CUPS-based printing architecture, introduced with Apple’s Macintosh® operating system version 10.3. The PDK leverages Apple’s Xcode® developer software to produce a single set of binaries supporting Mac OS 10.3 and later versions. (Both Xcode 3.0 and Xcode 2.5 are supported.) This PDK offers the same ColorSet™ and Screening Studio™ tools as the Windows PDKs and is designed to use the same device customization interface: the OEM Customization Module (OCM). The OCM provides support for custom device characteristics such as compression format and resolution. OCMs developed on Windows can be ported to OS X simply by re-compiling.

Our flexible architecture and extensive use of common code allows for the rapid development of an entire family of printer drivers supporting the full range of Windows and Macintosh operating systems. Modifications to support new devices can be completed quickly and easily. The common code works across printer languages, enabling manufacturers to speed products to market while reducing development time and costs.

Monotype Imaging’s drivers support various combinations of Windows and Macintosh operating systems and printer languages.

  Windows Operating System & Driver Type
  95/98/Me NT 4.0 2000 XP/2003 Vista OSX
PDK 16-Bit 32-Bit 32-Bit 32 & 64-Bit 32 & 64-Bit 32 & 64-Bit
GDI - Raster x x x  x x(1)  
PCL - 5/6 x x x  x x(1)  
PostScript 3 x x x  x x(1)  
           x(2) x(3)  
XPS - Raster            x(2) x(3)  
XPS to PCL 6 & PS
           x(2) x(3)  
XPS to PS, PCL 5/6
  Wrappers (OCM)
           x(2) x(3)  
Mac CUPS - Raster           x

(1) Allows basic Vista logo certification
(2) XPS support using Microsoft .Net Framework 3.0 or Print Essentials Pack for XP/2003
     operating systems

(3) Required for premium Vista logo certification after 6/07

Contact us to evaluate a driver or for more information about how Monotype Imaging’s print drivers can be integrated into your solution.


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