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ESQ Fonts

What are ESQ TrueType Fonts?
The TrueType® font format is a powerful technology that allows for a high degree of fine-tuning to the font outline for low-resolution output. But not all TrueType fonts are the same. Monotype Imaging’s ESQ® (Enhanced Screen Quality) fonts are the result of our superior hinting tools and highly trained font engineers for the ultimate rendering of fonts at low resolution.

What Happens to a Font On Screen?
Most computer screens have resolutions of 72 or 96 dots per inch. At these resolutions the subtleties of a font design become difficult or impossible, to represent. Adding proper hinting – or ‘intelligence’ – to the font outline, can prevent letters in the font from becoming distorted and difficult to identify. Our ESQ fonts have been tuned to best represent a given font at every size and resolution.

Your Best Choice for High Quality Screen Display
We have a distinguished history for high quality typography. Because of this reputation and our highly trained staff of typographers, we were chosen by Microsoft® to develop the core fonts for Microsoft Windows® 3.1 and for Windows 9x products. We have also produced fonts for Apple, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intuit, Lotus and MacMillan.

At high resolutions (printers and typesetters), the subtleties of a letter can be preserved because there are sufficient pixels to render small design details.
Hires letter

At low resolutions:
(computer screens and low resolution printers.)

Unhinted TrueType
Unhinted Truetype

Hinted TrueType
Hinted TrueType

Example of Fined Tuned ESQ Letterform
Fine Tuned ESQ Letterform

Below is an illustration of a capital M unhinted using a standard font creation program and a hinted font using our exclusive font creation tools. Dramatic improvement in the appearance of letterforms is possible using TrueType advanced hinting capabilities.

Unhinted Font
Unhinted Font

Hinted Font
Hinted Font

ESQ True Type Fonts
Click here for a list and display of available ESQ fonts.

Contact us to find out how ESQ fonts can fit into your solution.


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