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iType Connects

Expand the type rendering capabilities of your development platform. Device manufacturers and developers can now access platform-specific ports of the iType® font engine through iType Connects™ plug-ins to enable superior display of scalable, stylistic and multilingual text. iType Connects plug-ins provide a simple integration process that allows OEMs to speed time to market of their product offerings.

The iType Connects plug-ins provide access to capabilities not available within resident text rendering solutions. These capabilities may vary by plug-in, but can include:

Edge™ Technology: our most advanced solution for displaying stylistic, high-quality East Asian text in a low-memory footprint.

SmartHint™ technology: Our patent-pending technology that enables the clear display of East Asian text at small sizes.

Font linking capabilities: functionality that provides flexibility in managing the language support and font memory footprint of a device.

Fonts in a Box™ technology: proprietary technology that prevents the clipping of tall characters.

iType Connects plug-ins are currently available for the following environments:

Linux® Open Source
Symbian OS™
Windows® Embedded CE


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