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Windows-Kompatibles Core-Set

Windows-Compatible Core Set

Monotype Imaging offers Microsoft® fonts for licensing to enterprises, software & hardware developers, and also as downloadable fonts for end-users. Monotype Imaging’s years of font development, licensing expertise and ability to maintain the integrity of Microsoft’s type designs are just a few of the reasons Microsoft chose Monotype Imaging as a core font distributor.

Microsoft Windows & Microsoft Office Compatibility
OEMs need to have confidence that issues with font & document compatibility will not affect their customer’s’ workflow, which is why they license Microsoft fonts from Monotype Imaging. Having that confidence is necessary when:

  • Web browsers that require compatibility with Microsoft's web core fonts
  • Software/hardware developers or Enterprises seek font & document compatibility across multiple platforms or an entire product line
  • Web application developers seek multilingual font compatibility

On-Screen Quality & Language Support
Featured in products such as Microsoft Windows® 2010, Windows 7 and Microsoft Office®, the Microsoft fonts are highly regarded for their on-screen quality and extensive character sets. Available in the TrueType® font format, with many also available in the OpenType® font format with PostScript® outlines, the fonts are now available to all software and hardware developers to license for their products.

Popular sets of Microsoft fonts include:
     Web Core Fonts
     Microsoft Windows 2010 Fonts
     Microsoft Windows 7 Fonts
     Microsoft Windows Vista® Fonts
     Microsoft Windows XP® Fonts
     Microsoft Windows Mobile Fonts
     Microsoft Office 2007 Fonts
     Microsoft Office 2003 Fonts

Modifying or Customizing Microsoft fonts
Monotype Imaging’s team of expert type designers can customize Microsoft fonts to fit any customer’s specific needs, including character set enhancements or tuning them to fit certain display or printing environments. Microsoft fonts also appeal to IT managers who want to standardize on certain fonts for their enterprise across platforms and applications.

More Information
For more information on licensing Microsoft fonts, please contact Monotype Imaging.


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