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Tioga – For On-Screen Reading

Monotype Imaging has developed the Tioga™ typeface family – a highly legible design developed specifically to display clearly on low-resolution displays. Because of its superior readability at small sizes, the Tioga typeface is an ideal choice for developers of set-top boxes and digital televisions. It’s metrically compatible with the Tiresias™ font a widely used typeface designed for digital TV applications and adopted by the DVB and MHP standards. This metric compatibility allows developers to change text set in the Tiresias font to the Tioga design without affecting line breaks or disrupting the layout.

Available in the industry-standard OpenType® and TrueType® formats for compatibility with virtually all major embedding platforms, the Tioga design has been fine-tuned to be highly readable and aesthetically pleasing.

Tioga’s metric compatibility allows developers to change text set in Tiresias to Tioga without affecting the line breaks or disrupting the layout in any way.

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The Tioga design features:

  • Character shapes that are designed to take maximum advantage of pixel real estate.
  • Counters (the insides of characters such as ‘b’ and ‘e’) that are kept open and large.
  • Clear levels of hierarchy – stroke changes between the regular and bold weights are obviously apparent, aiding readability.

The Tioga design is available with various extended character sets supporting complex scripts such as Arabic and Indic.

For more details or licensing information, please contact us by phone or email.

Tioga is a trademark of The Monotype Imaging Corp. and may be registered in certain jurisdictions.


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