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Fonts for Developers
Choose from a comprehensive selection of high-quality fonts for software development or for embedding within consumer electronics devices.

Font Rasterizers
Learn more about our font rendering subsystems that have been widely deployed and embedded in various consumer electronics devices worldwide.

Text Layout Solutions
Enhance your product to reach emerging markets using our WorldType® Layout Engine, a modular software library that enables the on-screen composition, positioning and rendering of multilingual text. WorldType Shaper has the integrated intelligence needed to handle complex shaping and bidi requirements, and is an ideal way of integrating complex script support into existing layout and rendering systems.

Printer Driver Kits
Create a common print driver solution for your entire printer product line using one set of code.

Color Tool Kits
Integrate patented ColorSet™ color technologies that allow your printers and MFPs to consistently generate superior quality color.

The FlipFont™ application brings a new level of personalization to mobile phones. Users can download fonts of their choice and easily install them. The user can then choose which font is to be active within the phone’s user interface at any time.

Typeface Design Expertise
The Designer Showcase highlights some of the world-class designers who create fonts for Monotype Imaging. Included are type specimens, fonts samples and biographical sketches. Learn how Monotype Imaging can tailor a solution that best fits your needs, or visit our Custom Design Portfolio.

Buy Fonts
Choose from thousands of fonts from Monotype Imaging’s continuously expanding collections. Manage licenses within your enterprise using Monotype Imaging’s Fontwise® solution. Discover the benefits of Linotype’s FontExplorer™ X font management solution.

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Contact us about how our technologies and services can meet your font and imaging requirements.

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