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Closed Caption Font Set

Monotype Imaging’s closed caption font set supports the Federal Communications Commission’s requirements for closed captioning display on digital and analog television sets. When used with iType™, the fonts also conform to FCC mandates for character edge effects, pen styles, character offsetting and pen sizes.

Closed captioning font requirements


Monotype Imaging Solution
(Meets EIA-708B Specification)


Screen™ Serif Monospaced
(1 monospaced font with serifs)


Screen Serif
(1 proportionally spaced font with serifs)


Screen Sans Monospaced
(1 monospaced font without serifs)


Screen Sans
(1 proportionally spaced font without serifs)


Ashley Script
(1 casual font type)


(1 cursive font type)


Plate Gothic
(Small capitals)


Default (undefined)

Character Edge Effects







Drop Shadow



Pen Styles






Character Offsetting






Pen Sizes






iType Character Edge Effects (or Special Effects)
iType Character Edge Special Effects
(Note: The following effects are required character edge effects for meeting
the FCC specification: drop shadow, outline, raised, depressed and uniform.)

Closed Captioning
Closed captioning capabilities provide access to TV programming for individuals with hearing disabilities. The technology allows for the audio portion of programming to be displayed as text, super-imposed over the video portion. To display closed captions, viewers must use either a set-top decoder or a TV receiver that contains integrated decoder technology.

Requirements for closed captioning have existed since the 1990 passage of the Television Decoder Circuitry Act. With the advent of digital broadcasting, the FCC has updated its rules with instructions for the encoding, display and delivery of closed captioning information for digital TV.

Manufacturers are now required to include compliant DTV closed captioning decoder circuitry in digital TVs. Devices affected by the rules include digital sets with wide-screen displays measuring at least 7.8 inches vertically, digital TVs with conventional displays measuring at least 13 inches vertically, and stand-alone digital TV tuners, whether or not they are marketed with display screens.

Contact us to learn more about integrating Monotype Imaging’s Closed Caption Font Set into your solution.


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